Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read through my terms and conditions for all the information you need to know regarding your booking.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


When making a booking fee payment you are agreeing to my terms & conditions and entering into a contract with Makeup by Grace Kelly.

To secure your booking I ask for a non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee of £20pp, which is due to secure your wedding date. This booking fee will be deducted from the final balance.

Booking fee’s are unfortunately strictly non refundable or non transferable if the client cancels or reschedules a date that I am unavailable.

If I have to cancel or reschedule your booking for any reason I will of course contact you immediately to notify you and help recommend another makeup artist that may be able to help accommodate your booking. Your booking fee will be refunded to the same payment type you originally paid.

Your booking will not be secure until I have received your booking fee and have been notified that the booking fee has been paid and that you have read and understood these T&C’s.

Occasion Makeup services and Bridal Trials require a non-refundable, non transferable booking fee. When requesting to book your appointment I will ask for your name, mobile and email to enter into my secure booking system (Fresha) Once you received an email confirmation to pay a deposit this will be required within the first 48 hours to secure your appointment.

If the deposit is not paid via the booking system within this time frame your appointment is not secure and it will be available for another client.


Accepted forms of payment:

CASH: Cash is accepted for trials & the remaining payment on the day, it must be collected & paid in full by the bride in an envelope before makeup application on the day

BANK TRANSFER: Payments made via bank transfer must be cleared in full, before any services are received or performed. The final payment must have been received at least 48hrs before the booked wedding date.

PAYPAL: Please select “family & friends” option otherwise it may be subject to administration fees. The final payment must have been received at least 48hrs before the booked wedding date
FRESHA APP: payments can be made via the Fresha app but may incur a card fee charge

PAYMENT LINK: payments under £100 can be made via payment link, which would need to be paid & cleared in full at least 48 hours before the wedding

If anyone wishes to contribute towards your makeup costs, this will need to be arranged amongst yourselves prior to the wedding day & the remaining balance will need to be paid in full from the bride.

Please notify me if you wish to make full payment of your remaining balance more than a week before your wedding date.

Deposits/booking fees must be paid within 48 hours of receiving the contract, to the supplied account, as I can cannot hold dates that exceed this timeframe.

Failure to pay the required deposit within this time will result in the termination of the booking, unless otherwise agreed in writing between myself and the client.

Prices agreed at confirmation of booking cannot be reduced at a later date.

If a bridal party reduces in size, the original agreed price will be upheld in order to cover loss of business.

Once the booking fee is paid and if your bridal party is at the minimum of Bride + 3 and any of the party no longer require makeup, the minimum booking amount will still need to be honored.

If you need to reschedule your wedding date for any reason (including a global health pandemic) a new booking fee will need to be paid and if my pricing differs for the new date, an updated quote will need to be sent.

The remaining balance is to be paid one week before the wedding date via bank transfer to the selected account, or to be paid in full by cash on the day, following my above guidelines. This will need to be agreed between myself & the bride prior to the wedding day.

If any members of your bridal party are paying for their own makeup this will need to be arranged and given to the bride in advance and the whole balance will need to be paid altogether, rather than individually.

Prices are subject to change due to rising cost of inflation if quoted 12 months before your wedding date.


Trials are mandatory for brides that wish to book my services for their wedding day.

This helps to understand what look you’d love to have me recreate on your wedding day and get to know you as a person. This will help make the day run as smoothly as possible.

The bridal party are welcome to have a trial if they have any concerns and would feel more comfortable trialing the makeup before the day.

Please allow up to 1 hour 15 minutes per person for bridal party trials.

Trials are a separate price to the wedding day. Both prices will be listed within your bridal quote.

A deposit is required to secure your trial booking. This will be required and confirmed through my booking system (fresha). If the deposit has not been paid within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation email via fresha, the trial/time slot will not be secured and may result in losing your appointment. Payment of the deposit confirms agreement of all terms and conditions.

The remaining payment is to made on the day of your trial with your preferred payment method.

The deposit is non refundable should you wish to cancel or change the date, in which I am unavailable for the rescheduled date.

If however myself or you are unable to make the original trial date & need to reschedule, I am happy to honour the deposit and transfer over to your new trial date.

If a deposit is paid for another bridal party member and they are no longer able to attend their trial appointment, this will be non refundable/non transferable.

Trials are held at my makeup room at home in Sidcup, Kent.

I am only able to hold trials on weekdays as I am unavailable on weekends due to high demand of weddings and occasion makeup bookings.

I always suggest booking the trial at a similar time frame to your wedding day, this way you will get to test the longevity of the makeup.

Please note I only travel out for group trials of 4 or more, which will include my travel expense procedures. Please make sure to request this when filling out the bridal form, along with the location you’d require me to come to.

I recommend booking a trial at least 6 months before the wedding day. This is to allow enough time if any changes are needed and also ensures all my products used on the trial are the same.

You are of course welcome to book a trial in as soon as you like if it’s something you wish to tick off your list.

If you have a peak season wedding I would recommend having a trial during the quieter months between Jan-Mar.

Strip lashes are optional and are included in the price.

I have a variety of strip lash styles to chose from, as well as the option for more natural temporary individual lashes.

The trial is approximately 1 hour 30 mins. In this time we can trial one in depth bridal look and work together to create the perfect look for you.

If you wish to trial a second look this would be at an additional time & cost.

If you wish to make any adjustments to change the style of the makeup slightly to not wear the exact look you’d like to have on the day, please let me know within your appointment so I am able to allow enough time to do this within your appointment time.

I would appreciate it if you could please arrive to the trial with freshly cleansed exfoliated skin & makeup free, including no eye makeup.

This will just ensure the best makeup application.

You’re welcome to apply your own skincare products before your trial, I will also prep the skin before makeup application!

I suggest wearing a white top to your trial, that has a similar neckline to your wedding dress & recommend wearing your hair to a similar style that you wish to have on the day. If you’re also planning on fake tanning on the day I recommend tanning for the trial too. This helps gives a better representation of how you’ll entire look will come together on the day.

Please feel free to bring some inspirational pictures to help show what look you’d like me to recreate.

I would suggest finding images that could resemble similarities to yourself, in terms of hair colour, skin tone & eye colour. This will give a truer representation of it how it could be recreated on you and help meet your expectations.


The best way to contact me is via, WhatsApp. I reply to both email and Instagram messages, however I feel WhatsApp is a more efficient way to keep track of messages and an easier point of contact.

I aim to reply to all of my enquiries within 2-3 business days, mainly between the hours of 9am–6pm. However during peak wedding season (April–October) and other peak dates of the year this could increase to 5-7 business days.

Please understand that I may not be able to respond straight away whilst working with clients, as they are my main priority at the time of their appointment and I will not be able reply during this time.

If I still haven’t replied please send me a little reminder incase any messages have got lost. I have a lot of enquiries to get through so please understand if replies are slightly delayed.

On annual leave I will try my best to respond as soon as I can, but this is my downtime and I will not have access to my phone as much. So please expect a longer response time.


Please understand it is your responsibility to inform all the members of your bridal party in regards to the information for their appointments, if they have not booked my services directly.

Please ensure all members of your bridal party are aware of timings on the day & follow their scheduled time slots as closely as possible, this will enable a smooth and thorough service.

Before your makeup applications, please ensure yourself & your bridal party have removed all traces of makeup & have freshly cleansed exfoliated skin & prepped with normal skincare.

For mobile appointments please provide me with the correct address & please be ready at the designated location for the agreed time of arrival.

Please arrive to your trial appointment at the allocated time and notify me as soon as possible if you are running late, so I can contact and inform other clients if it affects their appointment.

I reserve the right to refuse service to any client for, but not limited to, any rude, offensive, threatening or abusive behaviour.

I also reserve the right to refuse a client on the day if no prior booking has been made. If any changes want to be made on the day for last minute bookings, I will need to be informed at least 48 hours before the day to see if I am able to accommodate them & adjust my schedule.

I work from a small space and can only fit 3 people in comfortably. I cannot accommodate additional friends, family or children if they are not booked in for a service. Please inform me before your appointment if you wish to bring someone along.

As I work from home I would appreciate respect of my facilities & surroundings.

I also have two small dogs so please treat them with care. If you have any allergies or issues with dogs please let me know and I will of course keep them away safely.

Please do not touch or test out my makeup products without my knowledge, as all products are carefully sanitised before application. This will help not run the risk of cross contamination.


If I have to cancel or reschedule your booking for any reason I will of course contact you immediately to notify you and help recommend any other makeup artists that may be able to help accommodate your booking. Your booking fee will be refunded to the same payment type you originally paid.

If cancellations are made by yourself I will need to ensure that other clients are not compromised, therefore any cancellations of a booking will incur the following fees:

If cancelled within 6 months prior to your confirmed wedding date – 25% of the outstanding balance will need to be paid
If cancelled within 3 months prior to your confirmed wedding date – 50% of the outstanding balance will need to be paid
If cancelled within 1 month or less prior to your confirmed wedding date – 100% of the outstanding balance will need to be paid

If you wish to cancel your trials or confirmed wedding date your deposits/booking fee are non refundable & non transferable.

If I ever need to cancel your booking, this will solely be based on unpredictable life events such as:

– pregnancy/due date
– illness/Accidents
– Family/friends wedding
In the unlikelihood of your wedding date colliding, I will notify as soon as possible and will try to help find another makeup artists and offer you a full refund on your deposit

It is the brides responsibility to ensure I receive any cancellation notice, failure to cancel without notifying me will result in an invoice for the relevant fees.

For any changes to the bridal party (if someone cancels their makeup) the following applies:

Their deposit will be lost (deposits are non transferable)
If cancelled 3 months or less 100% of the remaining balance will still be required on the day

Please notify me immediately if there are any changes to the bridal party booking, so I can adjust the schedule timings accordingly.


I am happy to travel to any Venue, this will include a mileage fee:

– The first 10 miles (round trip) is included in each booking.
– 50 mile (round trip) = £0.60 per mile
– 100 mile (round trip) = £0.80 per mile
– 150 mile + (round trip) = £1.00 per mile

If the location is 2 hours or more away from me, a hotel room nearby your getting ready location may be required to stay the night before the wedding day. This will be arranged by yourself.

Parking/congestion charge/toll costs will also need to be factored into the price.


International weddings will need to be made with at least 12-18 months notice, to allow enough time to plan and work the trip around my schedule.

All expenses will need to be paid in full by the client. This will cover:

– Transfers/taxi/car hire
– Flights/baggage
– Accommodation
– Parking/tolls/petrol
– Daily food allowance

Prices will differ for international weddings so please ensure you state all information needed in order to receive an accurate quote.


Please provide accurate and clear information regarding the getting ready location that you need me to come to the day of your wedding.

If the location is hard to access, I would hugely appreciate any help or information that may make the location easier to find.

If you’re staying overnight at the venue/hotel  please inform me the day before so I know which area/room I need to come to. This will help make unloading and transporting my kit easier, by knowing the precise area I need to head to. If you’re unable to contact me for any reason please leave any information that I may need to know with reception or staff members.

If the location signal is poor, please provide contact details for the venue/hotel incase I need to reach you via landline.

If you know of any possible delays, detours or other issues on route to your location please inform me as soon as possible, so I can allow extra travel time.

I unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any delays that are beyond my control, such as weather conditions, accidents, traffic etc.

To ensure a safe and comfortable set up to get you all ready I would appreciate the following:

– Natural Lighting would be ideal, so saving an area of space near a window would be great. I will have a makeup light with me if this isn’t possible
– A large table or work surface area would be super helpful for having access to my kit and products
– An electrical plug socket nearby for the use of my light
– I will have a makeup chair with me but if I am unable to bring this, a chair/high stool would need to be provided.
– A mirror is an extra bonus but not necessary as I have a hand held one in my kit

Certain venues have time restraints for access of their bridal suites/rooms, this could be crucial in getting you and your bridal party all ready on time.

I would highly recommend considering having access to a different location, to enable enough time to get you all ready in a calm and relaxed environment.

Please bear in mind an additional surcharge for time & travel will incur for various preparation locations. This will need to be agreed prior to the day.

If my journey to your location will be over an hour and a half away, and we have a greed on an early start time, accommodation near the venue may need to be booked for me to stay the night before the wedding.

This will also include an additional fee to cover food expenses.

I would also hugely appreciate any help with my kit at difficult locations i.e. no lifts, lots of stairs, an uneven terrain or long distances.


Please notify me prior to your appointment if you have any medical conditions, allergies or previous reactions that I need to be aware of before makeup application.

I have the right to refuse makeup application if anyone has any contagious or infectious diseases.

Certain contraindications that will restrict or prevent me from carrying out my services are:

– Conjunctivitis
– Eye infections, Cysts or Styes
– Cold sores
– Fungal infections
– Open wounds
– Skin infections

I always ensure I sanitise my brushes, products, tools and equipment in-between clients, please take this time into consideration to ensure the safest practice before application.

Please inform me of any illnesses, contraindications, disabilities or medical changes for yourself or your bridal party, that could possibly affect makeup application on the day.


On the day of your trial makeup I like to take photos so I know how to replicate the look on the day. These are only for my reference and can also be sent to you upon request.

I love to showcase my work by photographing my clients & sometimes share these images/videos across various platforms such as my social media accounts & my website. If this is something you or your bridal party would rather not participate in please inform me on the day and I will of course honour your request.

I will not upload any images or videos of your wedding day until after 24 hours.

If you, your bridal party or other suppliers use or showcase my work for their content I would hugely appreciate a mention, by simply tagging @gracekelly_mua


If a trial is needed on a Sunday these are very limited as they are a non working day for me, but I can be flexible. This however will incur an additional fee of £20 per person on top of the trial rate.

Any additional expenses such as toll charges, parking etc are to covered by the client.

If you need me to stay on the day for any touch ups post ceremony, this will need to be agreed beforehand and will incur additional charges at an hourly rate.

If accommodation is needed the night before the wedding for myself or another makeup artist, this will be at the responsibility of the bride. A food expense allowance will also need to be included

Unsociable hourly fee of £20 for start times before 8am will be included in your quote.

A surcharge of £100 will incur for London weddings.

A surcharge of £100 will incur for any weddings booked on Bank Holidays/peak season dates (i.e. easter holidays, Christmas & New years holidays etc)

International weddings will incur £150 per day out of the country fee, along with all expenses to be paid for by the client.


A start and end time will be agreed between myself and the Bride prior to the day. Including the exact numbers of makeup applications for the bridal party/additional guests.

At the time of booking, please provide me with your full bridal party list (who require makeup on the day) including their role and their names so I can create a bridal prep schedule for on the day.

I will create a rough schedule and send to the bride prior to the wedding, regarding the timings for each makeup application on the day.

I will try my best to work as closely to these timings, but it will be your responsibility to ensure all members of the bridal party/guests are on time and ready for their allocated time slot.

I can liaise with other hair/makeup suppliers and share the schedule if needed to make the day run smoothly, however this can also be arrange between us on the day.

Each service requires a certain length of time to fulfil a full makeup application. Please understand my time guidelines to ensure there is enough time to get you all ready on the day:

Bride – 1 hour
Bridesmaids/MOB/MOG – 45/50 mins per person
Flower girls (under 14) – 10/15 mins

I have a minimum booking of 4 people (Bride +3 Adults) for Bridal parties on weekends & peak seasons and can fit in a maximum of 7 adults makeup within the agreed time frame.

If another makeup artist is required for a large bridal party I can provide a recommendation list, or I can find one to assist me. This will be at an additional charge to cover their travel expenses.

After all makeup application has been completed I always offer top ups before getting into your dresses.

I am only able to make minor changes after makeup application and will not be able to remove makeup once your application is complete as this would not be factored into the time schedule.

Please let me know during your allocated time frame if any changes are required.

I would highly recommend having all the bridal party ready at least 1 hour before your ceremony time. This will allow time for getting dressed, photos and registrars etc.

If you require for me to stay on the day for any touch ups post ceremony, this will need to be agreed beforehand and will incur additional charges at an hourly rate.

I will not be able to accommodate any additional guests for makeup application if we have not agreed or allocated times for them on the day. Please let me know in advance if anyone else requires any makeup so I can allow extra time. This includes flower girls.

I will not be able to stay past the time we originally agreed as this could affect the rest of my schedule for the day & requires an additional fee. So please bare this in mind and make sure you provide the exact timings when enquiring.

If a start time before 8am is required I will include an unsociable hourly fee of £20 per hour. This will be included in your quote under “travel & time expense”


I am fully insured, my public liability insurance is covered by Salon Gold, this is available on request.

I know some venues require PAT testing certificates. I always ensure mine is up to date, please let me know in advance if your venue requires this.


All information provided by the client is confidential and will only be available to the artists and any other relevant party you agree to e.g photographer or hair stylist.

Your personal details will not be made available to any other party without your consent.