I hope these can answer any questions you may have.

if you do have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me


Do you provide strip eyelashes?

Yes, I have a wide range of strip lashes you can select from. I use various brands, including Ardell, Primalash, Eldora and more. I also provide individual cluster lashes that are great for a more natural look. Prices with or without eyelashes are stated in my prices. You are of course not obligated to wear eyelashes it is totally up to you. If you do decide to bring your own strip lashes to your appointment I am more than happy to apply them for you, however there will still be a charge as it will require the same amount of time to apply them. 

Are you mobile?

I mainly work from my makeup studio in Sidcup, Kent, however I am able to travel out to you if I have the availability. I can only travel out on weekends with a group booking of 3 or more. Please ask prior to booking your appointment to check if this is possible. Prices vary due to location. 

Do you work on all skin tones/types?

100% I have been trained to work with all skin types and skin tones. Whilst working at MAC cosmetics I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of skin types, tones and textures. I have now been working in the industry for 6 years, so I am confident in all ages, races and skin concerns. If there is something you are concerned about please do not hesitate to contact me.  

How do I request a makeup look?

Feel free to send me any images for inspiration behind the look your are wanting to achieve at your appointment. You can do this prior to the appointment if you have any concerns regarding the look or if you need help deciding one. However all of this can be discussed at the start of your appointment. You will need to be quoted for Halloween, lessons and other creative looks before you're able to book your appointment due to time variations. 

Do I need to prep my skin before my appointment?

If you could please arrive to your appointment with freshly cleansed skin that would be really appreciated, as this will save a lot of time in prepping the skin and will allow more time for makeup application. 

I will always give your skin a second cleanse before I prep it with the appropriate moisturisers etc. However if there are any skincare products you would prefer me to use please feel free to bring them along and I'll be happy to apply them for you.

If you have any skin concerns please do not worry, as I have been a sufferer or severe cystic acne so nothing phases me, you are coming into a safe environment and I want you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment?

You do not need to bring anything with you as I have a kit that I keep up to date, with high quality skincare and makeup brands, ranging from Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics, Nars, Kiehls, Pixi Beauty, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Laura Mercier, Becca and many more.

However you are of course more than welcome to bring any products with you that you would prefer me to use. 

Can I bring family/friends to my appointment?

Due to the size of my makeup studio I am only able to have clients that have booked in for an appointment, you are of course able to come together if you are all getting your makeup done. I can only fit 3 in my room comfortably, so if my next appointment arrives early it can become over crowded so please bare that in mind, as I want it to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

I am also only insured for clients, any other friends/family members including children are not advised to accompany you to your appointment. Please contact me before your appointment to let me know if you require to bring along and friend or family member.

How do you apply makeup?

I use a mixture of brushes, sponges and hands. As I feel they can all be utilised to create different makeup application, to achieve the perfect look!

I practice good hygiene ensuring I only use clean sanitised brushes and sponges on each client. I have a wide selection of clean brushes ready to see me through a busy day and will always clean brushes in between clients if needed to be reused, using a disinfectant brush cleaner. I also ensure all surfaces, makeup palettes and products are all sanitised before each use and in between clients. 

I will always wash my hands thoroughly before and after each client and use hand sanitiser throughout the duration of your appointment. 


How many can you fit in for a bridal party?

This varies depending on the timings you have to get ready. I could fit up to 7 or 8 people in including bride on my own, however I can always bring another makeup artist with me who I normally work alongside. Prices may vary slightly due to travel expenses. 

How far in advance do I have to book in a trial?

This is totally up to you depending how near or far the date is. I always advice 6 months before the wedding just to be safe and make sure you're 100% happy with your look, as I know makeup trends like to change. 

Do all of my bridal party need a trial?

I advise that at least 1 bridesmaid has a trial if they are all having the same look and then the rest can follow suit on the day. However if they are all having different looks maybe it's best to see what they'd prefer to do individually. It is just more relaxing for both myself and the bridal party to have a trial beforehand, so that we know what look we're doing on the day, as it can be a very busy morning, it will just make everything go more smoothly. If anyone has any concerns prior to their appointment please just let me know I'm happy to help anyway I can to make everyone feel comfortable and look their best!

How far do you travel?

I am happy travel wherever is needed, even if overseas. I will just have to include expenses, travel costs and accommodation if necessary. My bridal prices will stay the same just with the added extras on top. If you do require me to stay the night before the wedding, due to a long journey and early start that is not a problem, just let me know whether you'd be happy to arrange or I can arrange and invoice you for the expenses. 

When do you require payment?

A deposit of £15pp will need to be paid via bank transfer or PayPal prior to the wedding to secure the date. The remaining amount is to be paid in full on the day, cash is preferred, however you can pay upfront via bank transfer if this is something you'd like to do. 


Do I need a patch test?

Certain beauty treatments, that include tinting or perming lotions will require a patch test 48 hours before your treatment. If a patch test is not carried out, your appointment will not be able to go ahead. If you do have any reactions from your patch test please contact me as soon as possible. 

How long will my treatment take?

Times vary depending on which treatment you are having. To get a rough estimate please see my beauty price list with the approximate timings. 

Can you have HD brows and/or BrowSculpt done on previously microbladed brows?

Absolutely! This can a be a great treatment to compliment your microblading! As long as you are completely healed from your microblading treatment it is more than safe. 

Can you have HD Brows/BrowSculpt & LVL when pregnant?

Unfortunately this is not allowed by the HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes guidelines. Due to the tinting process and perming treatment used in both BrowSculpt and LVL it can cause an adverse reaction whilst pregnant due to change in hormones. This can also make the treatment less effective so wouldn't be worth the risk. You will need to wait until after your pregnancy and after breast feeding, for it to be completely safe to perform the treatments. 

Can I have lash extensions when pregnant?

Yes this is safe to do so if you know you are not allergic to the lash adhesive. The adhesive is only adhered to your natural lash and not your skin so hopefully shouldn't cause any problems. We can always try a patch test where 3 individual lash extensions are placed on each eye and then you can see if you have any reaction or irritation before we proceed to complete the full lash set. It is at your own risk if you do wish to wish to have this treatment whilst pregnant. 


How do I book an appointment?

You can book using any of the book now links, or head to the contact me page and fill out a contact form to receive a quote or place an enquiry. 

You can also make a direct booking online via instagram using the book now button displayed on my profile page. 

Please use any of the contact details given if you wish contact me directly. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I ask for a £10-15 non refundable/non transferable deposit that must be made within 48 hours of your enquiry to secure your slot.

If this is not made within the time frame your booking will not be confirmed and you will risk losing your appointment. 

You will be sent a payment link or bank/PayPal details to send the deposit payment and as soon as the deposit is made you will receive a booking confirmation. 

Are deposits refundable or transferable?

I am only a small business with only myself therefore I am unable to refund deposits if you cancel your appointment. They are non transferable if you wish to move your appointment to another date, however I will honour a time frame of up to 2 weeks. 

If for any reason you and a friend book in and both pay your deposits, then on the day one of you cannot make the appointment, that deposit will be non refundable and non transferable to the others appointment, as it will be very hard for me to fill the slot at such short notice. 

If I have to move the appointment for any reason I will of course honour the deposit and transfer it over to your new rescheduled appointment. If I have to cancel the appointment for any reason I will refund your deposit. 

Please contact me if you do have any concerns regarding your appointment leaving plenty of notice for any changes or cancellations. 


What is your preferred payment method?

I accept, Cash, PayPal and Bank Transfer. I do also have a card terminal at my home studio that has a charge of £1.50

What happenes if my gift voucher has expired?

Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months, however if it is within 6 months from original purchase date, I am happy to honour it. Anything out of the extended 6 months will unfortunately be invalid. Please contact me if this needed.